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Coconut & Lime Scented Candle


This Coconut & lime Scent is the ultimate refresher. A tantalising fusion of fresh coconut, and lime and invigorating verbena soothed by luscious vanilla. An irresistible classic.

Our wax is professional grade soy wax, it is a hydrogenated soy oil and contains a soy-based additive.

Top Notes: Lime zest, lemon verbena

Middle Notes: Coconut, peach

Base Notes: Vanilla, buttermilk


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Our tins are very safe as they have a raised bottom and rip in the tin, it keeps a cushion of air beneath the container which reduces direct heat to the surface that the candle is sitting on.

Our wicks are made from all-natural fibres and they contain no lead or other harmful metals. So, you can get the maximum enjoyment out of this scent without polluting your home. Not only is this a natural burning product it’s highly scented (using the maximum amount of scent that the soy wax will allow) it also burns evenly and cleanly throughout the life of your candle.


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  1. Annette

    What most people don’t see is the huge amount of work and dedication that Lara has put in behind the scenes, the thought that goes behind what you do and all the little things that make it unique. Well done, Lara. You should be very proud of the business that you’ve created.

  2. Trent

    I had the pleasure of meeting Lara, a 14-year-old girl with a thriving online business. What impressed me was her attitude, her drive and how she could articulate her own story. Grateful, humble and well mannered.

  3. Katrina

    I love these candles would definitely recommend them to anyone that likes to burn candles x

  4. Mark

    You deserve all your success Lara – the person you are will ‘light’ always our lives!

  5. Fiona

    Love my candles Thank you

  6. Tracey

    An inspiration to young girls everywhere. My daughter is trying to start up a little business of her own and I use you as a great example of what is possible with passion and lots of hard work.

  7. Annie

    Beautiful candles that burn really well and smell amazing! Made with love and packaged beautifully. Highly recommended for both personnel and corporate gifts.

  8. Kayla

    I just love what you do, Lara and how you do it. You are an inspirational to young girls everywhere.

  9. Trudy

    Your Coconut and Lime candles are terrific. This is hands-down my favourite scent.

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